Hit-Air Advantage Multi-Discipline Airbag Vest


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The new Advantage™ model is a culmination of more than a decade of experience in airbag technology by MUGEN DENKO, LTD.

This “harness type” airbag employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism (component that activates the CO2 cartridge).

  • Versatile: for Eventing, Western and other equestrian disciplines, has optional chest padding, back padding, and side paddings.
  • NEW Top fast: 0.09 sec deployment time!
  • The attention to detail is unmatched by any other brand of airbag apparel.
  • The neck airbag , where most injuries occur, inflates first, followed by (in only fraction of a millisecond) the torso and hip airbag. The neck airbag is also significantly larger than the leading competitor’s neck air bag.
  • The key box where the CO2 cartridge is deployed is protected from dust and dirt and provides sound insulation to minimize spooking the horse during an unintended deployment.
  • The vest is also more comfortable because the hip air bags are concealed inside a special pocket making it unnecessary to have a long “duck tailed” style that can be uncomfortable in the saddle.
  • The Advantage is also more versatile because it has an additional optional CE back protector and waist side cushions.
  • The new Advantage™ is also cooler to wear because of the open design. With all of these advantages, it is also more affordable costing hundreds of dollars less!
  • An important note about the sizes and cartridges: the sizes are adjustable within a “range”.
    Small range: From 2XS to Small – Uses 50cc
    Medium range: From Small to XLarge – Uses 50cc
    Large range: From XLarge to 3XLarge – Uses 60cc
    Extra range: From 3XLarge to 5XLarge – uses 60cc (only colors available in this size: Black and Red)
  • Check the measurements table at the bottom of the page and select your size, if you are not quite sure you can type your measurements on the text box above (right of the main picture). If your height does not match your chest in the tables, you may need a Buckle Extender.
Additional Information
Weight 5 lbs

Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White


Zipper (Black only), Buckles


2XS to XS, S to XL, XL to 3XL, 3XL to 5XL

Include Saddle Strap (for English saddles only $12.00)

16.7 inches, 18.7 inches, 20.6 inches, No thanks!

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