Hit-Air EU6 Ultimate Airbag Jacket


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As soon as the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the airbag inflates and protects rider’s neck, back, chest, sides and hip.

  • Shock-buffering protection system will be activated immediately after the distance from the rider to the motorcycle exceeds the “activation distance”, when the key ball is pulled out from the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, chest, body, back and hip airbags to inflate them in as little as 0.09 sec for Advantage Model and 0.18 sec for SV2 and LV, lessening the effect of impact on rider’ body.
  • Even before the airbag is fully inflated (in 0.25 second), it is quite effective for shock buffering.
  • After the airbag is fully inflated, the gas is released slowly through a gas release valve and the feeling of tightness will begin to subside.
  • The jacket also includes CE shoulder, elbow padding and back padding (soft type).

    The EU-6 Features new High Speed S-System Keybox + New Integrated Hip airbag

  • The EU6 jacket has excellent quality materials and construction and classic European adventure touring style. The air bag inflates to protect the neck, chest, back, sides and hip
  • Includes fully removable quilted fleece Polyester lining that is both moisture permeable and water proof. The EU6 also uses a generous amount of Lumidex reflective material for better night time illumination. There is also rear zippered vents in the torso and 2 large lower pockets and 1 small chest pocket with water proof zipper.
  • The light weight shoulder, elbow and back padding plus the overall shape and the type of materials make the EU6 a comfortable jacket for riding.
  • The cost of the EU6 Jacket is a bargain compared to other high end European Jackets that does not feature the superior protection of air-bag technology
  • The quality, features, comfort, style and versatility means that the EU6 jacket will be worn more often and could out last other jackets The new EU-6 Model features:


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